Benefit Online Concert with Grandmaster Riley Lee

Riley Lee

Sunday, September 23, 2023
4:00pm Hawaii Time
7:00pm West Coast
10:00pm East Coast

Grandmaster Riley Lee, world-renowned shakuhachi master, performs an online one-hour
Benefit concert for Lawai International Center at 4:00 p.m. Hawai'i time on Sunday,
September 23, 2023. Grandmaster Lee shares the magic and power of Lawai, a place that calms the spirit and stills the mind.

As the first non-Japanese to have achieved the rank of grandmaster, he mastered the
ancient Japanese ceremonial flute which originated in the 7th century. Riley Lee
attained the title of Grandmaster over 40 years ago with rigorous training, which
included practicing barefoot in the snow and playing his flute under a waterfall.

For 19 years, during the Pilgrimage of Compassion, Grandmaster Lee led the
procession from the beginning of the pilgrimage to the uppermost shrine. When he
plays his shakuhachi at Lawai, he sets in motion the forces of earth and air, people
and place, and the swirling power of the ha.

There is a minimum $25 donation for the live zoom performance which includes a video recording of the concert.

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All proceeds benefit the nonprofit 501c3 Lawai International Center.

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